Who is mabulous?

Mabulous is in the first instance me, Matthias Bühlmann.

Already at the age of 10 I started to develop my interests for software programming and graphics design and always had a strong fascination for the digital world. During secondary school I started to work as a freelancer in the field of 3D design and web development for different software companies and trained myself in the art of 3D animation which I ultimately brought to a professional level after my graduation while working for a Zurich based postproduction and 3d motion company. I then started my studies in computer science at the ETH Zurich during which I shifted my focus towards the more challenging realm of interactive realtime graphics and image analysis. The excellent education I was granted there was a perfect complement to my creative background.

Today I work together with software and graphics specialists across the globe to realize various projects that require high quality software engineering and a strong sense for persuasive design. I master most of the industry relevant programming languages as well as the major graphics, motion and 3D software packages used in production.

If you entrust us with your project, you always receive my personal commitment to make it a success. We realize it in your best interest with the most appropriate state of the art technologies and in the most efficient way.

Whatever idea you have, we make sure it looks great, feels just right and simply works the way you want it to.