Prospectors – 80’000 Players and Counting

The new Prospectors version 1.1.1 has hit the iOS Appstore. Aside from stability fixes for the new iPad Air and iPad mini, push-notifications as well as gameplay tweaks (upgrades are now more powerful at the same cost) the new “Buttferfly-Bonus” has been added, which grants free access to special waterways. By now already 80’000 players […]

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Prospectors – Virtual Diamond Panning on the iPad

The mabulous team develops the casual game Prospectors – Nature’s Slot Machine which allows players to turn their iPads into virtual panning devices and search for gold nuggets and diamonds in 16 picturesque waters around the globe. Our client Digidiam Game Studio has set value on a technically sophisticated simulation that conveys the experience of […]

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1 year Mabulous Software & Graphics GmbH

One year ago today, Mabulous Software & Graphics was entered as a GmbH into the Swiss commercial register, which started an exciting yet relentlessly educational roller coaster ride with many ups and downs for me. I founded Mabulous in the form of an individual entrepreneurship the year prior, but since working as a software mercenary […]

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