Interactive Outdoor Installation for

For the street-art project windowzoo, mabulous develops an interactive outdoor installation that is displayed for more than two months at the Museum Franz Gertsch. A flock of birds that interacts with the museum guests is projected onto the 10 meters high outer wall of the museum. The birds interact with the visitors in different ways: […]

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ABB Corporate Screensaver

mabulous develops the new corporate screensaver for ABB, one of the largest engineering companies in the world. The screensaver makes use of hardware accelerated rendering in order to run smoothly while causing minimum cpu usage. It renders the line-art cleanly at different resolutions, supports multiple screens and comes with a handy windows installer. The screensaver […]

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Saint Germain Screen Animation

In collaboration with the windowzoo street art project, mabulous creates a fancy yet glamorous 3D animation to be displayed for several months on the many HD flatscreens in zurichs most exquisite club, the Saint Germain. The animation first shows for several minutes (shortened in the version seen below) the logo of the club studded with […]

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