Let us make your idea shine

We love to combine eye-catching visuals with state-of-the-art technology and we’d be happy to power your next project too!

Mabulous is a small expert team of software and graphics professionals offering customized solutions for demanding and unique applications

Our expertise ranges from sophisticated 3D mobile games and virtual reality apps over web applications up to complex cross-platform enterprise software.

Our experienced software engineers, artists and designers support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. The range of our services includes:

-Conceptual Design: We help you craft your idea for success.

-Rapid Prototyping: We capture, demonstrate and test the core of your idea cost-efficiently with convincing prototypes.

-Design & Art: From simple and clean UI elements over handcrafted 2D art up to complex 3D animations, we provide all sorts of visual candy to make your product stand out.

-Development: We work with various state-of-the-art technologies and apply an agile development process that allows us to deliver high quality software on time and still be able to respond to change quickly.

-Deployment & Marketing: We support you in launching your product successfully and can run online advertisement campaigns for you or setup and maintain social media presences.

-Maintenance & Support: Software is a living, breathing, changing product. We stay at your side and help you evolve your product to quickly respond to new requirements.

Let us do what we love and your product will shine with outstanding graphics and cutting-edge technology.

Contact Info

  • Mabulous Software & Graphics GmbH
    Hallwylstrasse 62
    8004 Zürich
  • +41 (0)79 793 68 58
  • info@mabulous.com

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