(English) Prospectors – 80’000 Players and Counting

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.



  1. matt 05/14/2014, %H:%M

    Hi mebulous
    Prospectors is a great app. I’ve had loads of fun playing on my freinds iPad but please please please can you make it available on android.
    Sooooon .

  2. Christina 10/01/2014, %H:%M

    I just wanted to know if you guys were coming out with a new version and if so maybe you guys should think about putting a section in you inventory for us to put our most valuable diamonds that we don’t want to sell yet!! Also I have an I pad and am having a little glitch in the middle of the pan and the gold some time goes in it!! Can I delete the game and then go and re download it without losing any of my inventory, gold, digiman dollars and in app purchases? If anyone knows please let me know!!! I love this game and so does my 3 year old he knows how to do everything! Thanks!!

  3. Tempest 03/17/2015, %H:%M

    Hello again guys,
    Its been almost a year since my last post.
    Again I’ve been busy playing on a friends iPad and wanted to see
    if Prospectors was now available for Android!
    Sady its not.
    Is this ever going to happen There are millions of Android users!

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