(English) Prospectors – 80’000 Players and Counting



  1. matt 05/14/2014, %H:%M

    Hi mebulous
    Prospectors is a great app. I’ve had loads of fun playing on my freinds iPad but please please please can you make it available on android.
    Sooooon .

  2. Christina 10/01/2014, %H:%M

    I just wanted to know if you guys were coming out with a new version and if so maybe you guys should think about putting a section in you inventory for us to put our most valuable diamonds that we don’t want to sell yet!! Also I have an I pad and am having a little glitch in the middle of the pan and the gold some time goes in it!! Can I delete the game and then go and re download it without losing any of my inventory, gold, digiman dollars and in app purchases? If anyone knows please let me know!!! I love this game and so does my 3 year old he knows how to do everything! Thanks!!

  3. Tempest 03/17/2015, %H:%M

    Hello again guys,
    Its been almost a year since my last post.
    Again I’ve been busy playing on a friends iPad and wanted to see
    if Prospectors was now available for Android!
    Sady its not.
    Is this ever going to happen There are millions of Android users!

  4. oakley clear frames 08/11/2016, %H:%M

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