Interactive Outdoor Installation for

For the street-art project windowzoo, mabulous develops an interactive outdoor installation that is displayed for more than two months at the Museum Franz Gertsch. A flock of birds that interacts with the museum guests is projected onto the 10 meters high outer wall of the museum. The birds interact with the visitors in different ways: An infrared camera is filming the persons standing close to the projection wall and custom developed motion detection software analyses their guestures in realtime in order to detect throw-motions. This way, the visitors are able to throw food onto the digital ground which the birds will then devour greedily. Using an internet enabled smart-phone, it’s also possible to directly send messages to the installation by visiting the homepage. The birds will then fly onto the digital wires between the telephone poles and write the message they just received. Check the video below to see the installation in action!

setting up the installation


sourcecode of the motion analysis software


the installation in debug mode

the installation in debug mode


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