1 year Mabulous Software & Graphics GmbH

One year ago today, Mabulous Software & Graphics was entered as a GmbH into the Swiss commercial register, which started an exciting yet relentlessly educational roller coaster ride with many ups and downs for me. I founded Mabulous in the form of an individual entrepreneurship the year prior, but since working as a software mercenary is a lonely path and because I also felt that the number of hands and brains given to me by nature wouldn’t suffice to realise my goals, I decided to look out for likeminded and gifted people to support and complement me. Over the year, and with the help of my best friend Anya, I managed to assemble a small but strong team of professionals with whom I can tackle the challenges residing in the exciting realm that connects software engineering and graphic design. This first year was definitely not easy and we had to face many dragons and uncertainities, but I was lucky to find myself being supported by strong and incredibly capable people who would not let me down even if things were getting hairy: Eldar, an entrepreneur in spirit like me, is an experienced software engineer who keeps amazing me by quickly acquiring new skills and confidentially sailing uncharted waters with an impressive integrity and resilience and without losing sight of our targets. Andrew, sometimes a dreamer, has a beautiful imagination and strong executive skills in 2D art and 3D animation (credits to him for our super yummy birthday cake). He gives our creations their soul. In that, Anya is the glue who keeps us together and makes us a team. She pretty much takes care of everything and without her this company would not exist to this day – I owe her a lot! Today we also cheerfully welcome the newest addition to our team, Radomir, who will tackle realtime 3D development together with me. I’m proud and thankful to work with such talented people and excited to announce that this coming month we are going to publish our first 100% in-house production. All my thanks on this anniversary go to my friends, family, and especially my team for all the support they granted to me during this exhausting yet exciting period. Matthias Bühlmann CEO Mabulous Software & Graphics GmbH


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