Prospectors – Virtual Diamond Panning on the iPad

The mabulous team develops the casual game Prospectors – Nature’s Slot Machine which allows players to turn their iPads into virtual panning devices and search for gold nuggets and diamonds in 16 picturesque waters around the globe.

Our client Digidiam Game Studio has set value on a technically sophisticated simulation that conveys the experience of using a gold pan as realistically and intuitively as possible, allowing the players to shake the pan as well as to move and pick up the 3D rendered objects with their fingers in a natural way. The solution mabulous provided achieves this and much more. The gold nuggets and stones in the pan are physically simulated and can be accurately influenced by shaking and rotating the iPad. This real-world input is seamlessly applied to the virtual 3D scene presented on the screen, and even the reflections on the brushed metal finish of the digital pan react properly to the orientation change of the iPad. Diamonds in the game reflect and refract light in different ways, can be cut by players into various shapes and viewed using upgradable magnifying glasses.


All technology and graphics design in this game is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail and optimal mobile performance. To achieve both, a high workflow efficiency and software quality, we combined Unity3D with Apple native technologies in this product and we are proud to have developed and designed the full project in-house.

Old Prospector

The game is available on the Appstore and can be downloaded for free:



  1. Avatar Alli251 07/05/2014, %I:%M %p

    I haven’t been able to play since yesterday. The screen shows the name, but I never get the rainbow logo anymore, and the screen just stays blank. Anyone else having the same problem?

  2. Avatar Robert Ashby 07/25/2014, %I:%M %p

    What is the digicam money value in US dollars?

    Can you use digicam money to buy gold in the game?

    Any thought of making it possible to compare two diamonds at the same time?

  3. Avatar matt 08/19/2014, %I:%M %p

    Any idea on an android release date.

    I’d love to play, my friend has this app on his iPad but its not yet available for android.

    I think your missing out a huge slice of the market. Millions use android!

  4. Avatar wendi 01/26/2015, %I:%M %p

    I love this game, I get to play it from time to time on my sister’s ipad. Sadly I can’t download and play it myself even though I have bunches of devices because I do not own an iPad! Could you please make a version that would work for tablets or kindle fire HDX?? I know many people that would play it if it was available. Thx!

  5. Avatar Winona Sodd 01/26/2015, %I:%M %p

    Are you going to make an iPhone or Android version? Please do…I love this game!!!!

  6. Avatar nagy erik 08/06/2015, %I:%M %p

    Go mining

  7. Avatar nagy erik 08/12/2015, %I:%M %p

    O cool game

  8. Avatar Darkhorse 08/14/2017, %I:%M %p

    Please help ,I can’t find any info about useing the game , like how do I move forward once I’ve done all the up grades ,I just started a couple of weeks ago, how do you find the home page easily,, how do you get free diamonds , and is there a tutorial? Thanks to any one who can help

  9. Avatar Darkhorse 08/14/2017, %I:%M %p

    Does this game still have activities

  10. Avatar Robert LeMoine 08/30/2017, %I:%M %p

    Please help , are youstilll active ,Im having trouble finding you and have many questions, Ilove the game

  11. Avatar Robert LeMoine 08/30/2017, %I:%M %p

    Please give assistance

  12. Avatar Bonnie 03/17/2018, %I:%M %p

    When is this game coming to Google it is amazing

  13. Avatar A Fan 07/08/2018, %I:%M %p

    I stopped playing the game years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot play the game now, because it is not made for iOS 11 and future versions of iOS, which requires it to be written in 64-bit. I would love to see and play the game again on the iPad! It has an amazing feel to it!

  14. Avatar Miss this game 12/21/2018, %I:%M %p

    Used to play this game for hours but it’s now unavailable to download on the uk App Store PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  15. Avatar Paulinedioff 01/03/2019, %I:%M %p

    Dead Space 3 Limited Edition [LIFETIME WARRANTY]

  16. Avatar Jeremy 01/15/2019, %I:%M %p

    This was one of the most relaxing games on the market. Please bring it back. After so many years, copyright no longer applies and I may just redeveloped it myself…. I’d rather you bring it back though.

  17. Avatar Stephanie 03/09/2019, %I:%M %p

    Please bring the game back! I loved the game so much and it was so relaxing!

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